Welcome to my homepage! "Why a homepage?" you ask, and why am I not just using the readily available and accessible social media platforms and content galleries? Well, that's simple - I don't like them, and I feel like they're detrimental not only to one's mental health and self-image with the constant newsfeeds, but they also stifle the expression of one's own identity. So I'm done. Back in the early days of the internet, personal websites were a thing, and honestly I feel like they should make a comeback!

I'm a purveyor of MILLENNIUMPUNK, which this website will be an example of. Call me cynical and old, but things had some magic around them back then, a time full of wonder and endless possibilities.

Okay so who the fuck am I? I'm an artist, musician, writer and all-round retro enthusiast! I'll be using this page to share things that I create, whether that be creative works of my own or just gushing about something everyone else thinks is lame.

Thanks for visiting!


Wow cool fonts

Maple now has a character Reference Sheet uploaded!

Uploaded some shiny new Reference Sheets for Jam! Also added a couple more COOL PEOPLE to the sidebar! Love you all~

28 AUGUST 2019
Added a gallery section! Very happy to have a creative muse back again! This will feature artwork as well as any other creative works that I complete.

25 AUGUST 2019
Trying something different for character images. Making a section of links as part of their character pages, though this will only be for artwork that's been commissioned. I plan on having a gallery for work that I've made myself at some point in the future.
At the moment, only Effy has links up, and most of them are NSFW... Apologies! I'll work on uploading other character images when possible, but that's down to when they happen!

24 AUGUST 2019
Added a new character bio for Effy

20 AUGUST 2019
Added a new article on VMU icon editing

18 AUGUST 2019
Fixed some janky shit, everything should work as intended and be a little less "work in progress"

18 AUGUST 2019
Basic website up and running! None of the links work because I'm a fuckin doofus